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jQuery Fundamentals Training

- $1,275.00

If you already know some JavaScript and now want to learn jQuery to speed up your web development projects, this is the right jQuery course for you. After doing a quick review of core JavaScript concepts, your expert jQuery trainer will teach you all the major features of jQuery, including an introduction to jQuery UI & jQuery Mobile .

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Responsive Web Design Training

- $850.00

If you are looking for responsive web design training, then select this Mobile Web class. Your expert Mobile Web instructor will guide you through important topics such as creation of web sites that adapt their layout to the client device, mobile-friendly HTML5 features, and sample frameworks to assist in responsive web site development.

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5-Min Narrated Presentation on jQuery

  • History of jQuery
  • Purpose of jQuery
  • jQuery: Difficulty Level
  • jQuery: The Good
  • jQuery: The Future
  • jQuery Syntax

History of jQuery

  • 2006 – John Resig creates jQuery
  • 2006 – jQuery is licensed under dual license
  • 2012 – jQuery drops GPL and is MIT licensed
  • 2013 – jQuery 2.0 drops support for IE 6-8
  • 2016 – jQuery 3.0 supports Promises and HTML5

Purpose of jQuery

  • Simplify common JavaScript operations
    1. DOM manipulation
    2. Events
    3. Animation
    4. Widgets
  • Additional functionality available through widgets and plugins.

jQuery Difficulty Level

  • Easy to use
  • Gateway to JavaScript

jQuery: The Good

  • Ease of use
  • Easy to find example code

jQuery: The Bad

  • Non-optimized code can affect performance
  • Over-reliance on jQuery causes code bloat

jQuery: The Future

  • jQuery will remain widely used
  • Need for jQuery on new projects will decline as JavaScript improves


  • Use jQuery object
  • Select DOM elements
  • Perform actions on selected elements using jQuery methods

Including the jQuery Library

  • <script src="path-to-jquery.js" integrity="###"	 crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

jQuery Variables

  • Takes a selector as its parameter
  • Returns an object
  • Most often called using the $() shorthand method

jQuery Selectors

  • Used for selecting DOM nodes
  • CSS-style selectors
    • $('.error')
    • $('#mainNav)
  • jQuery-specific selectors
    • attribute value
    • hierarchy
    • pseudo-selectors

jQuery Filters

  • Further refine node selection. Examples:
    • :first
    • :eq
    • :even
    • :last
    • :odd

jQuery Methods

  • Can accomplish a wide variety of tasks
    • ready()
      • Waits until the page's DOM is ready
      • Executes the code passed to it
      • Has several different, but equivalent, forms
        • $( handler )
        • $( document ).ready( handler )
        • $( "document" ).ready( handler )
        • $( "img" ).ready( handler )
        • $().ready( handler )

jQuery DOM Element Methods

  • get()
  • index()
  • size()
  • toArray()

Event Methods

  • on()
  • off()
  • mouseover()
  • focus()
  • click()
  • error()
  • load()

Manipulation Methods

  • addClass()
  • after()
  • append()
  • clone()
  • css()
  • html()
  • remove()

Effect Methods

  • fadeIn()
  • fadeOut()
  • hide()
  • show()
  • toggle()


  • $('#activate').on('click',function()
    	{ $('.active')

Keep Learning jQuery

by taking a Webucator jQuery Class https://www.webucator.com/webdev-training/jquery-training.cfm

"Easily the best technical course I've taken."
"Small class sizes. The textbook is very, very good. It's a reference manual that can actually stack up against a cursory Google search. Conference software was very easy to pop in and out of."

What people say about our training

Very good instructor. I would recommend the class.
Nhon Dao
DB Consulting Group
The course was a great review of jQuery Mobile and its constructs; enjoyed the material.
Chris Brown
Wells Fargo
The course provided an in-depth look at JQuery and Javascript from a programming and development perspective.
Stephan Onisick
As always, Webucator goes above and beyond. Great support. Great materials. Great Instructors.
Shane Walker
Peterson AFB

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