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In this 3-day Sass Training class, students will learn how to get started using Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets). Sass is a growing CSS extension language that is compatible with all versions of CSS. This course starts with a introduction of what Sass is along with a HTML and CSS background review. Then we dive right into getting students started using Sass.

CSS is not a prerequisite to this course. However, working with Sass is a more advanced way of using CSS with a website. Students looking to enhance their skills may want to consider our Introduction to CSS, Advanced CSS, or CSS3 for Web Developers courses after taking Sass.

  1. Learn to learn what Sass is and why to use it.
  2. Learn to learn to work with preprocessors.
  3. Learn to learn to install and configure Sass on either a PC or a Mac.
  4. Learn to learn the Sass philosophy on code organization.
  5. Learn to learn how comments work in Sass.
  6. Learn to learn how to work with operations, control directives, and expressions.
  7. Learn to learn about mixins, such as bourbon, and learn how to write your own.
  8. Learn to understand when and how to use nesting.
  9. Learn to learn how to write your own functions.
  10. Learn to learn about extending and framework options.
  1. Introduction/Why Sass?/What is Sass?
    1. What Needs Fixing in CSS?
    2. Preprocessors in General (Sass, Less)
    3. Using Sass
  2. HTML/CSS Background Review
    1. Review of HTML/HTML5 Concepts
    2. Review of CSS/CSS3 Concepts
  3. Installing and Configuring Sass
    1. Installing on Mac from the Command Line
    2. Installing on Windows from the Command Line
    3. GUI Installed Apps
    4. Using NPM/grunt with Sass and the grunt-contrib-sass plugin
    5. How to Run Sass from the Command Line
    6. Setting a Watch
    7. Output Styles (compressed etc.)
    8. Sass vs. SCSS Syntax
  4. Organizing and Including Sass Code
    1. Partials: Including Sass Code
    2. Code Organization
    3. Dividing Code by Site Section
    4. Dividing Code by Functional Areas
    5. What to Include First
    6. Working as a Team
  5. Sass Comments and Variables
    1. Comments in Sass
    2. Defaults
    3. Using Variables in Sass
    4. Colors
    5. Lengths
    6. Sizes
    7. &debug, &warn, &error
  6. Operations in Sass
    1. Numeric Operations
    2. Color Operations
    3. String Operations
    4. Boolean Operations
    5. List Operations
    6. Using Parentheses
    7. Interpolation in Sass
  7. Control Directives and Expressions
    1. if Statements
    2. for Statements
    3. each Statements
    4. while Statements
  8. Functions in Sass
    1. Function and Calculations
    2. Using built-in Functions
    3. Writing Your Own Functions
  9. Nesting
    1. Avoiding Repetition with Nesting
    2. When Not to Use Nesting and How Not to Nest too Much
    3. Namespaced properties
    4. Using the "and" Operator
  10. Mixins
    1. Intro to Mixins
    2. Writing Your Own Mixins
    3. Finding and Using Others' Mixins
    4. Bourbon
  11. Using &extend
    1. &extend
    2. Placeholder Selectors
    3. More Complex Extending
    4. The !optional Flag
    5. &at-root
  12. Sass and Frameworks
    1. Using Sass with Frameworks
    2. Using Sass with Bootstrap
  13. Debugging and Best Practices
    1. Tips on Writing Effective, Maintainable Sass Code
    2. Avoiding Repetition
    3. Sass Philosophy
    4. Debugging Sass Code
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