MOC 10990C - Analyzing Data with SQL Server Reporting Services

MOC 10990C - Analyzing Data with SQL Server Reporting Services

Course Length: 5 days
Delivery Methods: Multiple delivery options
Course Benefits
  • Describe reporting services and it’s components
  • Describe reporting services data sources
  • Implement paginated reports
  • Work with reporting services data
  • Visualize data with reporting services
  • Aggregate report data
  • Share reporting services reports
  • Administer reporting services
  • Expand and integrate reporting services
  • Describe mobile reports
  • Develop mobile reports.
Available Delivery Methods
Public Class
Public expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection. Guaranteed to run .
Private Class
Private classes are delivered for groups at your offices or a location of your choice.
Course Overview

This Analyzing Data with SQL Server Reporting Services training class teaches is for individuals who wish to learn how to implement a SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services solution for data analysis in an organization. The course teaches students how to use the Reporting Services development tools to create and manage reports and implement self-service BI solutions.

The target audience for this SQL Server Reporting Services course is database professionals who need to fulfill a BI developer role to create reports. The secondary audience for this course is power information workers.

Microsoft Certified Partner

Webucator is a Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS). This class uses official Microsoft courseware and will be delivered by a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

Course Outline
  1. Introduction to Reporting Services
    1. Introduction to reporting services
    2. Reporting services components
    3. Reporting services tools
    4. Lab: Exploring reporting services
      1. Exploring reports
      2. Reporting services configuration
  2. Reporting Services Data Sources
    1. Data sources
    2. Connection strings
    3. Datasets
    4. Lab: Configuring data access with report builder
      1. Configuring data access with report builder
    5. Lab: Configuring data access with report designer
      1. Configuring data access with report designer
  3. Creating Paginated Reports
    1. Creating a report with the report wizard
    2. Creating a report
    3. Publishing a report
    4. Lab: Creating reports
      1. Use the report wizard – report designer
      2. Use the report wizard – report builder
      3. Creating and publishing a report – report designer
      4. Creating and publishing a report – report builder
  4. Working with Reporting Services Data
    1. Data filters
    2. Report parameters
    3. Implementing report filters and parameters
    4. Lab: Create a parameterized report
      1. Using parameters in report designer
      2. Using parameters in report builder
  5. Visualizing Data with Report Services
    1. Formatting data
    2. Images and charts
    3. Databars, sparklines, indicators, gauges, and maps
    4. Lab: Manage formatting
      1. Report designer
      2. Report builder
  6. Summarizing Report Data
    1. Sorting and grouping
    2. Report sub-reports
    3. Drilldown and drill through
    4. Lab: Summarizing report data
      1. Sorting and grouping in report builder
      2. Sorting and grouping in report designer
  7. Sharing Reporting Services Reports
    1. Schedules
    2. Report caching, snapshots, and comments
    3. Report subscription and delivery
    4. Lab: Sharing reporting services reports
      1. Create a shared schedule
      2. Configure caching
      3. Subscribe to a report
  8. Administering Reporting Services
    1. Administering reporting services
    2. Reporting services configuration
    3. Reporting services performance
    4. Lab: Administering reporting services
      1. Authorize access to reports
      2. Web portal branding
  9. Extending and Integrating Reporting Services
    1. Expressions and embedded code
    2. Extending reporting services
    3. Integrating reporting services
    4. Lab: Extending and integrating reporting services
      1. Custom code – report designer
      2. Custom code – report builder
      3. URL access
  10. Introduction to Mobile Reports
    1. Overview of mobile reports
    2. Preparing data for mobile reports
    3. Mobile report publisher
    4. Lab: Introduction to mobile reports
      1. Format data for a mobile report
      2. Create a mobile report
      3. Create KPIs
  11. Developing Mobile Reports
    1. Designing and publishing mobile reports
    2. Drillthrough in mobile reports
    3. Lab: Developing mobile reports
      1. Add a dataset with parameters
      2. Design a mobile report
      3. Publish a mobile report
      4. Add a drillthrough to a custom URL
Class Materials

Each student will receive a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this SQL Server class:

  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality.
  • Working knowledge of Transact-SQL, such as that taught in 20761.
Prerequisite Courses

Courses that can help you meet these prerequisites:

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