Bias and Microaggression: An Interactive 2-Hour Workshop

Bias and Microaggression: An Interactive 2-Hour Workshop

Course Length: 1 day
Delivery Methods: Available as private class only
Course Benefits
  • Learn the definition of bias and different bias types.
  • Learn the definition of microaggression and how it evolved.
  • Learn microaggression subcategories.
  • Learn how microaggression manifests in the workplace.
  • Learn the debate concerning microaggression.
  • Learn strategies for those targeted by microaggression.
  • Learn the definition of microaffirmations.
  • Learn microaffirmations via the A.C.T.S implementation strategy.
Course Overview

This bias and microaggression awareness seminar brings people together by providing an introduction to principles like respect and acceptance. Bias and microaggression are the often-unintentional, multi-mode behaviors that lead to breakdown in team and organizational cohesion. Research and the bottom line prove diverse teams are more valuable than ever to achieve optimum organizational outcomes. Each team member should be valued as an individual as well as part of the team.

By the end of this training, students will have the knowledge to improve their interpersonal communication skills and daily interactions. Students will be ready to apply action strategies immediately after the class.

Course Outline
  1. Understanding Bias
    1. What is Bias?
      1. Backpacking
      2. Binning
    2. Some Bias categories
      1. Unconscious
      2. Implicit Bias
    3. Priming
  2. Understanding Microaggression
    1. What is a microaggression?
    2. How has the definition evolved?
    3. Microaggression subcategories
      1. Microassults
      2. Microinsults
      3. Microinvalidations
  3. Responding to Microaggressions
    1. Decern
    2. Let it go
    3. Respond immediately
    4. Respond later
  4. Understanding microaffirmations
    1. What are micro affirmations?
    2. The A.C.T.S. strategy of relationship enhancement.
Class Materials

Each student will receive a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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