Introduction to Tableau Desktop

This Introduction to Tableau Desktop training course shows participants how to navigate and use effectively the Tableau user interface to connect to various data sources to create simple visualizations to share with others.


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Course Topics
  1. Navigate the Tableau Desktop user interface
  2. Connect to Data Sources
  3. Create simple visuals
  4. Analyze data using filters, hierarchies, groups, sets, and sorting
  5. Create calculations
  6. Share data with others
  1. Introduction to Tableau
    1. What is Tableau?
    2. Tableau Terminology
    3. User Interface Layout
    4. Build your First View
  2. Connecting to Data
    1. Tableau Ready Data Files
    2. Data Source Connectors
    3. Data Source Page
    4. Data Extract (TDE vs HYPER)
    5. Save Data Source
    6. Close Data Source
  3. Understanding Data Fields
    1. Data Types
    2. Data Roles
    3. Tableau-Generated Fields
    4. Special Values
  4. Analyzing Data
    1. Filters
    2. Highlighters
    3. Sorting
    4. Hierarchies
    5. Groups
    6. Sets
  5. Calculations
    1. Calculation Types
    2. Formula Editor
    3. Quick Editor
    4. Operators and Precedence
    5. String and Date Calculations
    6. Logic Statements
    7. Totals
    8. Quick Table Calculations
  6. Charts
    1. Highlight Table
    2. Bar Chart
    3. Text Table
    4. Line Chart
    5. Combined Charts
    6. Histogram
    7. Pie Chart
    8. Treemap
    9. Heat Map
    10. Scatter Plots
    11. Motion Chart
  7. Formatting
    1. Visual Best Practices
    2. General Formatting
    3. Workbook Formatting
    4. Mark Labels
    5. Reference Lines
  8. Parameters
    1. Overview of Parameters
    2. Using Parameters
  9. Dashboards
    1. Overview of Dashboards
    2. Building a Simple Dashboard
    3. Actions
  10. Story Points
    1. Overview of Story Points
    2. Create a Story
    3. Fit Visuals to Story
    4. Annotate a Story
    5. Update a Story
  11. Saving, Exporting, and Publishing
    1. Publish Workbooks
    2. Save and Export Workbooks
    3. Create a PDF
    4. Save and Use Image in External Application
    5. Publish Data Source
    6. Downgrading the Workbook Version
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Tableau class:

  • Experience managing data with Microsoft® Excel or Google Sheets.
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Really enjoyed the Webucator system and how the class was delivered.
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Great intermediate course! The instructor was very knowledgeable and eloquent.
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