Customer Service over the Telephone

Customer Service over the Telephone

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Course Length: 1 day
Delivery Methods: Multiple delivery options
Course Benefits
  • Learn to provide excellent customer service over the telephone.
  • Learn how to greet customers.
  • Learn to identify and fulfill customers' needs.
  • Learn how to master voice inflection.
  • Learn how to listen effectively.
  • Learn to manage objections.
  • Learn the art of negotiating.
  • Learn to ask questions.
  • Learn to deliver bad news.
  • Learn to manage customer perceptions.
Available Delivery Methods
Public Class
Public expert-led online training from the convenience of your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection. Guaranteed to run .
Private Class
Private classes are delivered for groups at your offices or a location of your choice.
Course Overview

This customer service training class teaches telephone courtesy and service. In this class, students will learn to provide high quality customer service over the telephone by improving their listening and questioning skills to clarify customer needs. Students will learn to create action plans to improve their customer service telephone skills so that they can provide excellent customer service and fulfill their customers' needs.

Course Outline
  1. Quality Customer Service
    1. Show That You Care
  2. Proper Telephone Skills
    1. Skill Overview
    2. Handling the Telephone
    3. Mastering Voice Inflection
    4. Using Your Best Voice
    5. Addressing the Caller
    6. Answering the Telephone
    7. Effective Listening
    8. Managing Objections
    9. Learning the Art of Negotiating
    10. Asking Questions
    11. Making the Outbound Service Call
    12. Delivering Bad News
    13. Exercise: Managing Different Callers
    14. Exercise: Recognizing Caller Behavior
    15. Managing Telephone Messages
    16. Exercise: Customer Perceptions
    17. Managing Technology
    18. Closing the Conversation
  3. Understanding Customer Needs
    1. What Your Customer Wants
    2. Assess Your Skills and Attitudes
  4. Managing the Customer's Perception
    1. Exercise: Your Perception
    2. Exercise: The Customer's Perception
    3. Your Action Plan for Better Service
Class Materials

Each student will receive a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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