Courseware Testimonials

Wow! So much information to digest in two days. The Training Manual will be a good resource for us in the coming months.

S.H., Software Engineer, Sybase

The way the course was sectioned out flowed nicely. The class files in htdocs flowed perfectly with the manual. The material was relevant and presented in a clear manner.

Texas Animal Health Commission

The material was very well organized. I was able to catch up on languages I wasn't as much of an expert in (XML, Javascript), and then apply that to the greater goal (Ajax).

M.S., Interactive Programmer, Q LTD

The materials, exercises, and class were perfect for me.

R.L., Johnson & Johnson

The learning materials were structured very well and the pace of the class was just right. Good presentation and examples.

R.H., GIS Specialist, Southern Nevada Water Authority

I have been using and teaching from Webucator’s technical courseware for a while now. From a technical and pedagogical standpoint, Webucator’s course materials are well organized and easy to learn from, addressing a variety of learning styles.

M.B., Toronto, Canada

Webucator’s courseware is among the easiest I’ve ever taught from, has very few errors, and always seems to be well received by the students.

D.S., Park City, UT

Webucator courseware is always clear and easy to understand, full of up-to-date links to good background information, and highly interactive. It is a pleasure to use.

K.K., Marlborough, CT

Webucator’s courseware is among the most intuitive and hands-on courseware that I've taught. Explanations are clear, hands-on opportunities are frequent, and the Webucator team has been very responsive to any questions I've had. Heartily recommended!