Marketing Essentials

Students in this Marketing Essentials training class will learn techniques to define a company's goals, guide the company's actions toward achieving those goals, and provide guidelines for evaluating the company's progress toward those goals. The role of a marketing plan as a part of the strategic plan of a company is discussed, as well as an overview of marketing fundamentals. Students will explore the individual components of a marketing plan.


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Course Topics
  1. Learn how marketing fits into the overall strategic plan of a company.
  2. Learn the purpose of the marketing plan.
  3. Learn the key principles involved in writing a marketing plan.
  4. Learn the underlying process of goal setting, implementation, and monitoring performance.
  5. Learn how to write a comprehensive marketing plan.
  1. Marketing Planning: New Pace, New Possibilities
    1. Marketing Planning Today
    2. Developing a Marketing Plan
    3. Preparing for Marketing Planning
  2. Analyzing the Current Situation
    1. Understanding the Marketing Environment
    2. Analyzing the Internal Environment
    3. Analyzing the External Environment
  3. Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning
    1. Segmenting Consumer and Business Markets
    2. Assessing and Targeting Segments
    3. Positioning for Competitive Advantage
  4. Planning Direction, Objectives, and Marketing Support
    1. Determining Market Plan Direction
    2. Setting Marketing Plan Objectives
    3. Planning Marketing Support
  5. Developing Pricing Strategy
    1. Understanding Value and Pricing Today
    2. Planning Pricing Decisions
  6. Developing Marketing Communications and Influence Strategy
    1. Planning to Communicate with and Influence Audiences
    2. Using Communication Tools to Engage Audiences
  7. Planning Metrics and Implementation Control
    1. Measuring What Matters and Planning Metrics
    2. Planning Forecasts, Budgets, and Schedules
    3. Controlling Marketing Plan Implementation
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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My instructor covered alot of information within limited time! I was very impressed with her knowledge and teaching style. Not to mention, her ability to keep my attention. :)
Khaleelah Miles
Gray Line of Tennessee
The teacher more than met my expectations. I would recommend to others.
Hakim Hazaimeh
Good information. The instructor was knowledgeable and could provide real-life examples.
Susie Deardoff
The class exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend it to others.
Kate Schlagel

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