Managerial Leadership Training

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This Managerial Leadership training class teaches students the basic skills needed to be successful managers and leaders. Students will learn how to leverage roles and motivate employees, make strategic business decisions, create efficient project plans, negotiate strategically, champion employee ideas, understand the basics of business finance, and promote a positive environment that embraces change.

  1. Learn the different roles of managers and employees.
  2. Learn how to motivate your employees.
  3. Learn how to analyze problems and risks.
  4. Learn how to find alternatives and make strategic decisions.
  5. Learn the importance of prioritizing projects and tasks.
  6. Learn how to create project deadlines and manage resources effectively.
  7. Learn how to negotiate and compromise.
  8. Learn how to support employee ideas using influence and effective communication.
  9. Learn how to analyze business performance and understand ROI.
  10. Learn how to promote change and overcome change conflicts.
  1. Effective Employee Leadership
    1. Understanding Management and Employee Roles
      1. Manager Roles and Responsibilities
      2. Employee Roles and Responsibilities
      3. Working as a Team
    2. Using Motivational Techniques
      1. Theory of Motivation
      2. Reward Types
      3. Motivation Strategies
  2. Strategic Decision Making
    1. Analyzing Problems
      1. Collect and Organize Information
      2. Symptom vs. Cause
      3. Root Cause Analysis
      4. Find a Solution
    2. Analyzing Risk
    3. Finding Alternatives
  3. Management Strategies
    1. Understanding Priorities
    2. Creating Effective Deadlines
    3. Managing Resources
      1. People
      2. Equipment
      3. Material
  4. Effective Negotiation
    1. Using Negotiation Strategies
      1. Pitfalls of Negotiation
      2. Barriers to Negotiation
    2. Understanding the Power of Compromise
    3. Influencing Decisions
  5. Supportive Leadership
    1. Advocating Employee Ideas
      1. Employee Emotions
      2. Employee Training
      3. Employee Inclusion
    2. Communicating Effectively
      1. Listening Effectively
      2. Modeling Effective Communication
      3. Encouraging Effective Communication
  6. Measuring Business Performance
    1. Understanding the Basics of Financial Analysis
      1. Financial Statements
      2. Types of Analysis
    2. Understanding Return on Investment (ROI)
  7. Change Leadership
    1. Leading Employees through the Change Process
      1. Getting Ready for Change
      2. Understanding Your Team
      3. Implementing Change
    2. Communicating Change Effectively
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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What people say about our training

The course I took helped me understand my job better and gave me a feeling of confidence.
John Mendes
The Canebrake
Webucator instructors and tools do an amazing job of emulating a real class room experience, right from the comfort of your home (and pajamas).
Mukhya Khalsa
NOAA Fisheries
Loved the class and the instructor. Best Leadership Training I have had. Concise and down to earth with specific examples to apply in the workplace.
Marilyn Rachow
Frontier Science
Webucator offered a course that was not only very educational, it was fun!
Mike Linquist

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