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If you're looking for customized in-person Vertica training for a private group, Webucator has the solution for you.

Vertica is a cluster-based, column-oriented analytics platform for managing large and fast growing data volumes. It features fast query performance, standard SQL interface, compression, and support for standard programming interfaces.

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Loved the fact that I could sit in a private room and ask my questions privately as if it was a one on one course. Loved the fact that all that I needed (books, headset & candy) were provided way in advance.
Wendy Velasquez
Perth Amboy Board of Education
Worth spending money as you know you will get best out of Webucator. Very productive hours.
Neha Purohit
Cisco Systems
Webucator provided an excellent introduction to project management and prep for the exam. I am confident that as a result of my participation in the CAPM course, I will do well on the exam!
Ankica Jedry
I truly enjoyed the course and the instructor was wonderful. I would recommend the course to everyone, whether you have been using Excel or if you are just beginning. Do not hesitate to take the course. You will be glad you did.
Heather McClure

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