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4-min Narrated Presentation on XML

  • History of XML
  • Purpose of XML
  • XML: Difficulty Level
  • XML: The Good
  • XML: The Future
  • XML Syntax

History of XML

  • 1998 – XML 1.0 Recommendation
  • 2004 – XML 1.1 Released

Purpose of XML

  • Used to store and share data or information that can be read by humans or machines
  • Used to create highly or loosely structured data
  • XML only holds data and creates structure

XML Difficulty Level

  • Easy to learn and to use, especially if familiar with HTML
  • Begin after learning simple concepts
  • Recommendations at https://www.w3.org/XML/

XML: The Good

  • You can create your own markup language
  • There are many pre-defined XML languages that you can use as is or modify
  • XML is supported by almost every modern programming language

XML: The Bad

  • XML can be verbose and hard to read by humans
  • XML can become redundant, which increases processing time

XML: The Future

  • XML is mature and stable
  • XML will continue to be widely supported
  • New XML languages will continue to come out
  • XML 2.0?

Syntax: Prolog

  • XML declaration
  • Processing instructions

XML Syntax Rules

  • One, and only one, document element
  • Open tags must be closed content
  • Empty elements must be closed or
  • Elements must be properly nested
  • Tag and attribute names are case sensitive
  • Attribute values must be enclosed in single or double quotes

XML Special Characters


Entity Refernece











DTD or XML Schema

  • An XML language is defined by a DTD or XML Schema
  • A well-formed XML document is one that follows all the XML syntax rules
  • A valid XML document is one that conforms correctly to its DTD or XML Schema

Simple XML Document

<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<name title="Sir">

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XML101 with Webucator took me from zero to sixty for XML in 1 day.

Dustin Cloos, STG Inc
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Instructor was great because even though I made a mistake she understood what I was trying to do and could address why that didn't work. She also provided additional examples to help clarify things that we had questions about. The additional examples were very helpful.

Jennifer Kotch, hach
Loveland CO

Well taught, excellent pace, thorough coverage of the material.

James Detwiler, Pleasant Holidays, LLC
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I've had great experiences with Webucator classes. The instructors are great and are very helpful. I feel I've gotten my money's worth with each class.

Kim Sanders, Columbus Metropolitan Library
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