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What is New in Word 2010?

Webinar Overview

This Microsoft Word 2010 webinar covers changes to the ribbon, the new backstage view, using the navigation pane to find objects and options, and graphic enhancements. This is a short webinar aimed at anyone who wants a quick overview of some of the most important changes in Word 2010.

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Webinar Goals

  • Learn what's new in Word 2010.
  • Learn how the ribbon has changed.
  • Learn about the new File tab.
  • Learn about the Backstage View, including the Info Tab, the Recent Tab and the Print Tab.
  • Learn how to find options and objects in the Navigation Pane.
  • Learn to rearrange content in the Navigation Pane.
  • Learn about some major graphic enhancements in Word 2010.

To Be Covered

  1. What's New in Word 2010?
    1. New Features
    2. Refinements
  2. The Ribbon
    1. Cleaner Interface
    2. Customize the Ribbon
  3. The Backstage View
    1. The Info Tab
    2. The Recent Tab
    3. The Print Tab
  4. The Navigation Pane
    1. Navigate by Find Results
    2. Navigate by Headings or Thumbnails
    3. Rearrange COntent
  5. Graphic Enhancements
    1. Background Removal and Artistic Effects
    2. Inline Text Effects
  6. Q and A

System Requirements

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