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In this WordPress training class, you will start with the basics of setting up WordPress and learn how to create and maintain a successful WordPress site.

  1. Learn to plan and prepare your site for WordPress.
  2. Learn to write, tag, and publish a post.
  3. Learn about working with the text editor.
  4. Learn how to style paragraphs and create lists.
  5. Learn to work with media files.
  6. Learn to link, align, and size an image.
  7. Learn to work with image galleries.
  8. Learn to add video and audio.
  9. Learn to name, schedule, and manage posts.
  10. Learn to make your site stand out.
  11. Learn to help others connect to your site.
  12. Learn about attracting search engines.
  13. Learn how to optimize your site.
  14. Learn about backing up your site.
  15. Learn how to install and activate plugins.
  1. Before You Start
    1. Thinking Like WordPress
    2. Planning Your Site for WordPress
  2. Firing Up WordPress
    1. Installing WordPress
    2. Admin Area Overview
    3. Basic Admin Settings
  3. Working with Written Content
    1. Adding a New Post - Overview
    2. Working with Text in the Content Editor
    3. Basic Post Screen Functions
    4. Advanced Post Options
    5. Adding a New Page
  4. Working with Media Content
    1. The Basics of Adding Media Files
    2. The Media Uploader Window
    3. Working with Images in the Content Editor
    4. Using the WordPress Image Editor
    5. Working with WordPress Image Galleries
    6. Adding Video and Audio
    7. Adding Documents
  5. Managing Your Content
    1. Managing Posts and Pages
    2. Managing Media Files
    3. Managing Post Categories and Tags
    4. Managing Widgets and Menus
  6. Making Your Site Social
    1. Connecting to Social Media
    2. Managing Comments
    3. Bringing in Content from Other Sites
    4. Connecting by E-mail
    5. Managing Multiple Site Users
  7. Choosing and Customizing Themes
    1. Overview of WordPress Themes
    2. Theme Installation and Basic Customization
    3. Advanced Design Customization
  8. Becoming Search Engine Friendly
    1. Optimizing Your Content
    2. Optimizing Behind the Scenes
    3. Maintenance and Security
    4. Keeping Up to Date
    5. Keeping Backups
    6. Keeping Your Site Secure
  9. Adding Functionality and Using Plugins
    1. Installing and Activating Plugins
    2. More Plugin Suggestions
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following would be useful for this WordPress class:

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • SQL
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Students rated our WordPress Training trainers 10.00 out of 10 based on 4 reviews

Webucator was fantastic at listening to the needs of our company and matching us with a great instructor as well as providing us with a tailored course to help us begin to reach our goals.

Kristi King, Novak Birch
Baltimore MD

I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to learn the basics of website creation. It's a fun, educational, stress free environment. You're in good hands with Webucator and the instructors they choose.

Ariel Nishli, KoldCast Entertainment Media
Los Angeles CA

I recommend Webucator's live online instructor led courses to anyone as they are very thorough and answer any questions you may have.

Mike Paradiso, Chicago Tribune
Chicago IL

I've taken a couple of courses through Webucator and I've always been impressed with the individual attention that the teacher directed to the students. I've referred a few colleagues to Webucator and will continue to do so.

Cheryl Rossi, VertiQ Software LLC
Morgan Hill CA

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