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In this Advanced Angular Programming Using Angular 4 training class, students will take the next step in becoming proficient using Angular 4, which Google released in March 2017.

  1. Understand Angular change detection.
  2. Learn to unit test components, services, routes, and pipes.
  3. Create custom components, directives and pipes.
  4. Use the Angular CLI to scaffold and build your project.
  5. Create Model-driven (reactive) forms.
  6. Learn AngularJS (Angular 1.x) to Angular (Angular 2) migration strategies.
  7. Use a Redux data architecture.
  1. Change Detection
    1. Change Detection Strategies
    2. Default
    3. OnPush
  2. Advanced Dependency Injection
    1. @Injectable Classes
    2. Multiple Service Instances
    3. @Optional and @Host Decorators
    4. Providers
      1. Syntax
      2. Alternative/Aliased
      3. Class, Value, and Factory
  3. Unit Testing
    1. Tools: Jasmine & Karma
    2. Mocks, Stubs, Fakes, and Spies
    3. Angular Testing
    4. TestBed, ComponentFixture, and DebugElement
    5. async, fakeAsync, tick, and inject
    6. Your First JavaScript Test
    7. Testing a Simple Component
    8. Detecting Changes
    9. Using External Templates
    10. Components with Inputs and Outputs
    11. Component with Router
    12. Component with Service
    13. Testing a Service in Isolation
    14. Mocking HTTP Calls
    15. Testing Pipes
  4. Advanced Routing
    1. Lazy Loading Modules
    2. Location Strategies
      1. PathLocationStategy
      2. HashLocationStrategy
    3. Web Server Configuration
  5. Model-driven Forms
    1. Comparing Template-driven to Model-driven (Reactive Forms)
    2. Using the ReactiveFormsModule
    3. Creating a Reactive form
    4. formGroup and formControl directives
    5. Bind form controls to a model
    6. Add validations to the model
    7. Hide and show validation messages
  6. Custom Directives
    1. Access the DOM Element using the ElementRef
    2. Respond to User Events using HostListener
    3. Pass Values via Data Binding
  7. Angular CLI
    1. Installation
    2. Usage
    3. Generating a New Project
    4. Running Unit Tests with Jasmine and Karma
    5. Running End-to-end Tests with Protractor
    6. Generating Components, Directives, Pipes and Services
    7. Building with Webpack
      1. Ahead-of-time (AOT) Compilation
  8. Custom Pipes
    1. Custom Pipe Example
    2. Using a Custom Pipe
      1. In Templates
      2. In Code
    3. Pure and Impure Pipes
  9. AngularJS (Angular 1) to Angular (Angular 2+ including Angular 4) Migration Strategies
    1. Overview
    2. Adding TypeScript to an Angular Project
    3. Add Angular (Angular 2+) and Module Loader
    4. Using TypeScript in an AngularJS Project
    5. AngularJS and Angular in the same Project
    6. Upgrading Services
    7. Controllers to Components
    8. Filters to Pipes
    9. Upgrade Router
    10. Removing AngularJS from the Project
  10. Redux Basics (using ngrx)
    1. Create a Reducer
    2. Configure a Store
    3. Dispatch Actions
  11. Redux DevTools
    1. Configure the Redux DevTools in your Application
    2. Install the Redux DevTools Chrome Extension
    3. Using DevTools to Time Travel
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Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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Great introduction into MySQL for DBA's who are considering moving to the platform.

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