jQuery Fundamentals Training

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The purpose of this jQuery training course is to provide an overview of the jQuery JavaScript library. When you're done with this jQuery training course, you will be able to complete basic tasks using jQuery, and you will have a solid basis from which to continue your learning.


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  1. Review JavaScript basics.
  2. Get started with jQuery.
  3. Learn to work with the jQuery Core.
  4. Learn to handle events with jQuery.
  5. Learn to create cool effects with jQuery.
  6. Learn to build Ajax applications with jQuery.
  7. Learn to write and use jQuery plugins.
  8. Learn to write high-performing jQuery applications.
  9. Learn to organize your jQuery code.
  1. jQuery Intro
    1. jQuery: An Introduction
      1. How jQuery Works
      2. A First Example
  2. JavaScript Basics
    1. Syntax Basics
    2. Reserved Words
    3. Operators
      1. Basic Operators
    4. Operations on Numbers and Strings
    5. Logical Operators
      1. Truthy and Falsy Values
    6. Comparison Operators
    7. Conditional Code
    8. Conditional Variable Assignment with the Ternary Operator
    9. Switch Statements
    10. Loops
      1. The while loop
      2. The do while Loop
      3. The for Loop
      4. The for in Loop
      5. Breaking and Continuing
    11. Arrays
    12. Objects
      1. Creating an Object Literal
      2. Accessing Elements of an Object
    13. Functions
      1. Using Functions
      2. Self-Executing Anonymous Functions
      3. Functions as Arguments
    14. Testing Type
    15. Scope
  3. jQuery Basic Concepts
    1. Basic Flow of a jQuery Application
    2. Using $(document)ready()
    3. Selecting Elements
      1. Choosing Selectors
      2. Does My Selection Contain Any Elements?
      3. Saving Selections
    4. Operating on Selections
      1. The $fn Methods
      2. Refining and Filtering Selections
      3. Chaining
    5. Working with Selections
      1. Getting and Setting Information About Elements
    6. CSS, Styling, and Dimensions
      1. Dimensions
      2. Attributes
      3. Showing and Hiding Elements
      4. Iterating Over a Selection
    7. Traversing
      1. Traversal Methods
    8. Manipulating the DOM
      1. Moving, Copying, and Removing Elements
      2. Cloning Elements
      3. Removing Elements
      4. Creating New Elements
  4. jQuery Core
    1. $ vs jQuery
    2. $ vs $()
    3. Closures
    4. Utility Methods
      1. Checking Types
      2. Storing and Retrieving Data Related to an Element
      3. DOM-Related Utilities
      4. Feature and Browser Detection
      5. Avoiding Conflicts with Other Libraries
  5. Events and Event Handlers
    1. Connecting Events to Elements
      1. Connecting Events to Run Only Once
      2. Removing Events Handlers
      3. Namespacing Events
      4. Using mouseenter/mouseleave Instead of mouseover/mouseout
    2. Inside the Event Handling Function
    3. Triggering Event Handlers
    4. Increasing Performance with Event Delegation
      1. Removing Delegated Event Handlers
    5. Event Helpers
      1. $fnhover
      2. $fntoggle
  6. Effects
    1. Built-in Effects
      1. Basic Use of a Built-in Effects
      2. Changing the Duration of Built-in Effects
      3. jQueryfxspeeds
    2. Limitations on Effects
    3. Queuing of Effects with Other Operations
    4. Callbacks - Doing Something When an Effect is Done
      1. Running Code When an Effect is Complete
    5. Custom Effects with $fnanimate
      1. Custom effects with $fnanimate
      2. Easing
    6. Managing Effects
    7. jQueryfxoff
  7. Ajax
    1. Key Concepts
      1. GET vs POST
      2. The Same Origin Policy
      3. Data Types
      4. A is for Asynchronous
      5. Same-Origin Policy and JSONP
      6. Ajax and Firebug
    2. jQuery's Ajax-Related Methods
      1. $ajax
      2. Convenience Methods
      3. $fnload
    3. Ajax and Forms
    4. Working with JSONP
    5. Ajax Events
  8. Plugins
    1. How to Create a Basic Plugin
      1. Testing Our Plugin
    2. Finding and Evaluating Plugins
  9. Best Practices
    1. JavaScript Best Practices
      1. Namespacing Variables
      2. Cache Frequently Used Values
      3. Beware Anonymous Functions
    2. jQuery Best Practices
      1. Optimize Selectors
      2. Use "Safe" Selectors
      3. Use Event Delegation
      4. Detach Elements to Work with Them
      5. Use Stylesheets for Changing CSS on Many Elements
      6. Use $data Instead of $fndata
    3. Code Organization
      1. Key Concepts
      2. Encapsulation
    4. Don't Treat jQuery as a Black Box
  10. Custom Events
    1. About Custom Events
      1. Examples Without Using Custom Events
      2. Examples Using Custom Events
      3. Recap: $fnon, $fntrigger, and $fntriggerHandler
    2. In Summary
  11. jQuery Mobile jQuery UI
    1. jQuery UI & jQuery Mobile
      1. jQuery UI
      2. jQuery Mobile
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this jQuery class:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript

Experience in the following would be useful for this jQuery class:

  • CSS
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This course provided a unique mix of in-depth explanation of basics, novelty, challenge, and interactivity.
Assia Alexandrova
City of Fort Lauderdale
Great class! Very informative! Instructor mixed learning styles and showed good demonstrations to assist in efficient learning.
Wendy James
Veterans Affairs
The course provided an in-depth look at JQuery and Javascript from a programming and development perspective.
Stephan Onisick
Webucator has great online classes that make it easier to learn new skills or advance your existing skills from the comfort of your home or office.
William Rosky
Alaska Dept. Of Fish and Game

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