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This Introduction to React and Redux training class teaches developers how to use React to build single-page web applications using the Component design pattern as implemented by the React framework. It includes a broad exploration of the varied features of React and Redux.

This class is intended for experienced JavaScript developers. Approximately 1-2 years of JavaScript experience should suffice. Students will use intermediate and advanced JavaScript concepts and features extensively and will be expected to come to understand these features during the course. Students without JavaScript experience should not take this course.

  1. Understand what React and Redux are and what problems they solve.
  2. Gain a deeper knowledge of ES2015 and JSX.
  3. Learn to integrate React and Redux.
  4. Learn to implement unit tests for React and Redux components.
  5. Learn React and Redux best practices.
  1. Overview
    1. What is React? What problem does it solve?
    2. What is Redux? What problem does it solve?
  2. ES2015 and JSX
    1. ES2015 features which impact React and Redux
    2. How to create components with ES2015
    3. Using Babel for ES2015 and JSX
    4. Using WebPack with React/Redux Development
    5. Immutable Programming & Immutable.js
  3. React - Creating Components
    1. Using createClass
    2. Extending React.Component
    3. Stateless Functions
    4. Referencing DOM Elements
  4. React - Create Element & JSX
    1. Rendering
    2. Passing Props
  5. React - Working with State
    1. Initializing State
    2. Updating State
    3. Working with Forms
  6. Composing Components
    1. Sibling Components and Keys
    2. Parent and Child Components
    3. Props and State
  7. Component Life-Cycle
    1. Events
    2. Functions
  8. Server Rendering
  9. Redux - Reducer Functions
    1. Immutable Programming and State
    2. Setting up and Handling Actions
    3. Combining Reducer Functions
  10. Redux - Store
    1. Dispatching Actions
    2. Subscribing Components
    3. Working with Middleware
    4. Asynchronous Actions
  11. Unit Testing - Tools
    1. Jest & Jasmine
    2. Enzyme
    3. TestUtils
  12. Unit Testing - Testing React
    1. Testing DOM Manipulations
    2. Testing Properties and State
    3. Simulating Events
    4. Shallow Rendering
  13. Unit Testing - Testing Redux
    1. Unit Testing Containers, Routes and Root Containers
    2. Unit Testing Mutations
  14. Conclusion
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this JavaScript class:

  • 1-2 years of JavaScript experience.
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The course was just what I needed from an intro course. Answered my questions and gave me a background to move forward with HTML5.

Daniel Scanlan, American Water
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Overall I couldn't recommend the business writing course more. With this course I've been able to find my voice and confidence when writing to any audience.

Sean McKeever, VitalSource Technologies
Raleigh NC

Webucator provides a great learning experience at the convenience of your computer. This course was very incisive and the class structure was intuitive.

Michael Quijano, Tradeweb
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Happy Together with Webucator!!

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