Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.5 Administration

This Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.5 training class teaches attendees the fundamental principles of web server administration and how to administer Microsoft Internet Information Services 8.5.

This course is taught in the 10 version and your instructor will point out minor differences in class.


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Course Topics
  1. Learn to plan for and perform an IIS installation.
  2. Understand IIS architecture and configuration.
  3. Perform common IIS administration tasks.
  4. Learn the techniques and best practices for IIS security and monitoring.
  5. Gain an understanding of how to host and configure ASP.NET-based web applications.
  1. Introduction
    1. Role of a Web Server
    2. Dynamic Content
    3. Security
    4. Authorization and Authentication
    5. Evolution of IIS
  2. Deployment Planning
    1. Windows Server Editions
    2. Windows Installation Options
    3. Active Directory vs. Standalone
    4. IIS Modules
  3. Installation
    1. Server Manager
    2. PowerShell
    3. Upgrading from a Previous Version of IIS
    4. Automated Installation
    5. Lab 1: Installation
  4. Server Footprint
    1. Folders and Files
    2. System Services
    3. Windows Users and Groups
  5. Tools for IIS Administration
    1. IIS Manager
    2. AppCmd.exe
    3. PowerShell
    4. Microsoft.Web.Administration API
  6. Configuration System
    1. Architecture
    2. Configuration Editor
    3. Configuration Backups
  7. Core Architecture
    1. HTTP.sys
    2. Worker Processes
    3. World Wide Web Publishing Service (W3SVC)
    4. Windows Activation Service (WAS)
  8. Request Pipeline
    1. Modules
    2. Classic vs. Integrated Pipeline Mode
    3. Lab 2: Configuration Backup and Baseline Configuration
  9. Basic Administration Objects
    1. Virtual Directories
    2. Applications
    3. Sites and Bindings
    4. Application Pools
    5. Lab 3: Creating a New Site
  10. Request Processing
    1. Request Filtering
    2. Website Limits
    3. Output Caching
    4. Handler Mappings
    5. Static File Handler
    6. Compression
    7. HTTP Response Headers
    8. Error Pages
    9. IIS HTTP Sub-Status Codes
    10. Lab 4: Modules for Request Processing
  11. Application Pool Administration
    1. Basic Settings
    2. Advanced Settings
    3. Application Pool Identity
    4. Recycling
    5. Real-Time Monitoring
    6. Lab 5: Recycling and Real-Time Monitoring
  12. IP Address and Domain Restrictions
    1. Configuration
    2. Dynamic IP Restrictions
  13. Logging
    1. HTTP Logging
    2. Centralized Logging
    3. Failed Request Tracing
    4. Lab 6: Logging and Failed Request Tracing
  14. Server Certificates and SSL
    1. Introduction
    2. TLS Handshake
    3. Server Name Indication (SNI)
    4. Requiring SSL
    5. Certificate Rebind (IIS 8.5 only)
    6. Lab 7: Server Certificates and Requiring SSL
  15. Authentication
    1. Application Pool Identity vs. Authenticated User
    2. Anonymous Authentication
    3. HTTP Basic Authentication
    4. HTTP Digest Authentication
    5. Windows Authentication
    6. Client Certificate Authentication
    7. ASP.NET Forms Authentication
    8. Delegation
    9. Lab 8: Authentication
  16. Authorization
    1. NTFS Authorization
    2. URL-Based Authorization
    3. ASP.NET Application-Level Authorization
  17. Session State
    1. Session IDs
    2. In-Process Session State
    3. Using a State Server
    4. Using SQL Server
    5. Lab 9: Session State
  18. Remote Administration
    1. IIS Management Service
    2. Permissions
    3. Feature Delegation
  19. Web Deploy
    1. Exporting and Importing Applications
    2. Visual Studio Support
  20. URL Rewrite
    1. Introduction
    2. Rules
    3. Actions
    4. Lab 10: URL Rewrite
  21. Web Farms
    1. Introduction
    2. Shared Configuration
    3. Shared Website Content
    4. Centralized SSL Certificates
    5. Session State
    6. .NET Machine Key
  22. Application Request Routing (ARR)
    1. Features
    2. Architecture
    3. Configuration
    4. Server Farm Site Bindings
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this IIS class:

  • No prior experience is presumed.

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