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In this JQuery training class, students tap into the power of the freely-available jQuery library to learn to develop compelling user interfaces for their Web sites and applications. Attendees will learn how to use jQuery UI's extended set of animation effects, how to create and configure instances of jQuery UI interaction helpers, how to implement jQuery UI interface components like Datepickers and Accordions, and how to develop plugins that extend jQuery UI's capabilities.

In addition, students learn to simplify nearly any client-side scripting task. Attendees will learn how to write jQuery selectors to round up sets of DOM elements, how to use jQuery's many wrapped set methods to manipulate DOM elements, how to use the jQuery event model to set up event listeners and callback functions, how to manage Ajax requests with jQuery and how to extend jQuery with utility function and wrapped set method plugins.

This jQuery course has been updated for updated for jQuery UI version 1.8.

  1. Learn to incorporate the most recent version of jQuery into Web pages.
  2. Learn to use jQuery in conjunction with other JavaScript libraries.
  3. Learn to perform DOM manipulations using jQuery selectors and wrapped set methods.
  4. Learn to initiate Ajax requests with jQuery and how to handle responses in plain text, HTML and XML formats.
  5. Learn to author plugins that extend jQuery's native functionality.
  6. Learn to incorporate the most recent version of jQuery UI into Web pages.
  7. Understand how jQuery UI extends a number of jQuery animation methods.
  8. Learn to make use of jQuery UI's additional animation effects.
  9. Learn to implement jQuery UI interaction helpers.
  10. Learn to create and configure jQuery UI user interface components.
  11. Understand the basics of the jQuery UI plugin architecture.
  1. Getting Started with jQuery
    1. Using jQuery with Other Libraries
    2. Starting Processing When the DOM Tree is Ready
    3. jQuery Utility Functions
  2. Forming Wrapped Sets with jQuery Selectors
    1. CSS Selectors
    2. Hierarchical Selectors
    3. Basic Filters
    4. Content Filters
    5. Visibility Filters
    6. Attribute Filters
    7. Child-Specific Filters
    8. Form Element Filters
    9. Additional Wrapped Set Methods
  3. Event-Driven Programming with jQuery
    1. Event Helpers
    2. Interaction Helpers: toggle() and hover()
    3. jQuery Event Objects
    4. jQuery Live Events
  4. jQuery and Ajax
    1. The load() Wrapped Set Method
    2. Basic Ajax Requests with $.get() and $.post()
    3. $.getJSON() and $.get Script()
    4. Exercising Complete Control with $.ajax()
    5. Global Ajax Events
    6. Ajax Helper Methods
  5. Overview of jQuery Plugin Development (time permitting)
    1. Best Practices
    2. Utility Function Plugins
    3. Wrapped Set Method Plugins
    4. Providing Default Argument Values
  6. Getting Started with jQuery UI
    1. Using an Existing Theme or Creating Your Own
    2. jQuery Animation Methods Extended by jQuery UI
    3. jQuery UI Animation Effects
    4. Using Animations with show(), hide() and toggle()
  7. jQuery UI Interaction Helpers
    1. Draggables
    2. Droppables
    3. Resizables
    4. Selectables
    5. Sortables
  8. jQuery UI User Interface Elements, Part I
    1. Progressbar
    2. Slider
    3. Datepicker
    4. Dialog
    5. Button
    6. Autocomplete
  9. jQuery UI User Interface Elements, Part II
    1. Tabs
    2. Accordions
  10. jQuery UI Plugins
    1. Using an Object to Retain State Information
    2. Using a Single Method with an Action Argument
    3. Creating a Plugin Using $.widget()
    4. Adding Callbacks to a Plugin
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this jQuery class:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
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