Advanced HTML

In this Advanced HTML course, you'll learn about HTML structural, semantic, and form tags, how to use Canvas to create drawings natively in the browser, how to work with HTML audio and video, the new methods for storing variables client-side, and how you build applications that work offline. We'll also cover integrated APIs like Geolocation, Fetch, and Service Worker.

  1. Learn how to start building HTML pages today.
  2. Learn the major benefits of HTML.
  3. Become familiar with HTML's new elements and attributes.
  4. Learn to work with audio and video in HTML5.
  5. Learn to work with HTML's Canvas element to create code-based drawings.
  6. Learn to use Web Storage for offline applications.
  7. Learn to use new HTML5 form elements.
  8. Learn to use HTML APIs like Geolocation, Fetch, and Service Worker.
  1. Laying out a Page with HTML5
    1. Page Structure
      1. Laying out a Page with HTML 4 - the "old" way
      2. Laying out a Page with HTML5
    2. New HTML5 Structural Tags
    3. Page Simplification
    4. Exercise: Converting an HTML 4 Page to an HTML5 Page
  2. HTML5 - How We Got Here
    1. The Problems HTML 4 Addresses
    2. The Problems XHTML Addresses
    3. The New More Flexible Approach of HTML5 - Paving the Cowpaths
    4. New Features of HTML5
      1. HTML5 and JavaScript
      2. Additional Changes
    5. The HTML5 Spec
  3. Sections and Articles
    1. The section Tag
    2. The article Tag
    3. Exercise: Using section and article Elements
  4. HTML5 Audio and Video
    1. Supported Media Types
    2. The audio Element
      1. Audio Formats
      2. audio Tag Attributes
    3. The video Element
      1. video Tag Attributes
    4. Exercise: Video - Multiple Sources
    5. Accessibility
    6. Scripting Media Elements
    7. Exercise: Media API
  5. HTML5 Forms
    1. New Input Types
      1. search
      2. tel
      3. url and email
      4. date/time input types
      5. number
      6. range
      7. min, max, and step attributes
      8. color
    2. HTML5 New Form Attributes
      1. autocomplete
      2. novalidate
    3. Some Other New Form Field Attributes
      1. required
      2. placeholder
      3. autofocus
      4. autocomplete
      5. form
      6. pattern
    4. New Form Elements
      1. progress and meter
    5. Exercise: An HTML5 Quiz
  6. HTML5 Web Storage
    1. Overview of HTML5 Web Storage
    2. Web Storage
      1. Browser Support
      2. Local Storage
      3. Session Storage
      4. Prefixing your Keys
    3. Exercise: Creating a Quiz Application
    4. Other Storage Methods
    5. Indexed Database API
  7. HTML5 Canvas
    1. Getting Started with Canvas
      1. Context
    2. Drawing Lines
      1. Multiple Sub-Paths
      2. The Path Drawing Process
      3. The fill() Method
    3. Color and Transparency
      1. Transparency
    4. Exercise: Drawing a Sailboat
    5. Rectangles
    6. Circles and Arcs
      1. Radians
    7. Exercise: Drawing a Snowman
      1. Animation
    8. Exercise: Animated Pacman
    9. Quadratic and Bézier Curves
      1. Practice
    10. Images
      1. drawImage() - Basic
      2. drawImage() - Sprites
    11. Text
      1. Text Properties
    12. Exercise: Images and Text
  8. Integrated APIs
    1. The Geolocation API
      1. Geolcation Example
    2. Exercise: Constructing a Map Link using the Geolocation API
    3. The Fetch API
    4. Exercise: Retrieving Random Usernames with the Fetch API
    5. The Service Worker API
      1. A Simple Service Worker Example
      2. Web Workers
    6. Other APIs
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this HTML class:

  • Basic HTML
  • Basic CSS
  • Basic JavaScript

Experience in the following would be useful for this HTML class:

  • JSON
  • DOM
  • Ajax
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