YouTube for SEO

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YouTube for SEO

YouTube for SEO

YouTube is not particularly helpful with respect to getting existing pages on your website to show up better in search engines. However, because Google delivers YouTube videos in their organic results, it does present an opportunity to get additional visitors to your website via organic search. For example, if Google sees a user search for XYZ topic and they see that ABC video offers an ideal match, Google may deliver the video in search results.

The following example shows how you might incorporate SEO into your YouTube strategy:

Pretend your company is an Apple repair facility and you offer online help (for a fee) for MacBook Air users who have problems.

Using the Google Keyword Tool (reachable by searching or within Google AdWords), you can see how popular some related terms are among Google searchers.

As you can see in the above screen shot, there are an estimated 2,900 global searches and 1,300 U.S. searches for the keyword fix MacBook Air. Given this, you might create a video showing how to fix a common problem with MacBook Air, and title it Fix MacBook Air.

As you can see in the below results for a Google search for the same keyword phrase, some of the results Google delivers are YouTube videos:

Those channels used the desired keyword in the title (notated by the bold text) and in the beginning of the description, and now have an opportunity to sell their services to viewers. If your video showed up here, you could use it to demonstrate your expertise and then direct people with additional problems to your site.

When it comes to SEO and YouTube, you might find it relatively easy to determine the perfect keywords for your video; however, you shouldn't expect overnight results as it can take time to get people to view your videos.


This tutorial is based on Webucator's YouTube Course. We also offer many other Social Media Training courses. Sign up today to get help from a live instructor.