Confront Stereotypes and Biases

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Confront Stereotypes and Biases

Confront Stereotypes and Biases

People are faced with stereotyping every day. Sometimes they are the victim of stereotyping and sometimes they witness co-workers or other people they know being stereotyped. At times it is necessary to confront people who use stereotypes or make prejudiced comments.

Whether or not you confront someone else's behavior, everyone can benefit from being aware of and confronting their own biases.

Try the following exercise when you meet someone new:

  1. Ask yourself what first impressions come to mind.
    1. Do you think this person is intelligent? Why or why not?
    2. Do you think this person is a hard worker? Why or why not?
  2. Are you reminded of someone else you know from a past experience?
    1. If so, is this a positive or negative memory?
    2. Because of this memory, do you feel more or less likely to trust this person?

After answering these questions you can see how your own stereotyping and biases may affect how you view people. Once you are aware of a possible bias, it is easier to confront the issue and try to make a more objective decision.