Welcome to our free Workplace Diversity tutorial. This tutorial is based on Webucator's Diversity Training for Employees and Managers course.

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Knowledge is the starting point to embracing diversity in the workplace and in the world. The more information learned about other cultures and different types of people, the more comfortable you will be interacting with these groups.

Some of the best sources to increase knowledge of different types of people are:

  1. Films/movies: There are many movies that share opinions and facts regarding stereotypes and different cultures.
  2. Books: Just like movies, books are a great way to learn about people who are different from us.
  3. Magazines: Certain magazines give information about current events and history to help increase knowledge of people.
  4. Internet: This can be a great resource, but can also supply more opinion that fact. Just like any resource, make sure to understand the author's intent and make educated decisions to decide if the information is fact or fiction.
  5. Museums or memorials: These places are excellent for learning history in a more visual form.
  6. Travel: Experiencing different cultures and places firsthand is a great way to increase knowledge.
  7. Talking to different people: Having a conversation with people who are different from you can be an easy and efficient way to learn. Whether they be a different age, a different race, a different gender, different culture, or different from you in any other way, talking to them is a great way to learn about them and to find similarities.

Gathering information from these resources increases knowledge and impacts interactions with different groups and people. The more knowledge individuals have about the world around them, the greater the chance of positive relationships in the workplace and also in day to day life.


This tutorial is based on Webucator's Diversity Training for Employees and Managers Course. We also offer many other HR Training courses. Sign up today to get help from a live instructor.