Recognizing Destructive Behaviors

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Recognizing Destructive Behaviors

Recognizing Destructive Behaviors

It is very important, especially from a managerial perspective, to acknowledge that destructive behavior may be taking place even if workers do not complain. The willingness of people to speak out about issues has a direct correlation to the perceived safety of the environment. If the environment is punitive, workers may remain quiet; however:

  1. Turnover will be high.
  2. Tardiness and sicknesses will increase.
  3. Gossip will take place.
  4. Customers will complain.
  5. Productivity will be low.
  6. Anonymous complaints may be received.

Wise managers will be watchful for negative issues that contribute to unhealthy environments, but they will also watch for an absence of healthy behaviors. A healthy environment in which people are working well together can be recognized by workers who:

  1. Are happy.
  2. Stay involved in their work.
  3. Produce good work.
  4. Achieve their objectives.
  5. Communicate well.
  6. Experience positive interactions.

In most working relationships employees will meld together and learn to work with and around each other's personalities; but on occasion relationships can be challenging. Personality conflicts are inevitable, and are exacerbated when a person has an extreme personality.

We will now look at some of the behaviors difficult personalities may demonstrate in the workplace.


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