Recognizing Destructive Behaviors - Exercise

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Recognizing Destructive Behaviors - Exercise

Recognizing Destructive Behaviors

Duration: 5 minutes.

In this exercise, you will respond to the following questions about destructive behaviors.

  1. Some behaviors are seen in multiple personality types. Which personalities use guilt?
    1. Authoritarian
    2. Dramatic
    3. Lethargic
    4. Pessimist
    5. Manipulator

  2. Destructive behaviors may cause which of the following:
    1. Anonymous complaints
    2. An increase in sick time
    3. High turnover
    4. Low productivity
    5. Customer complaints
    6. A and C
    7. B, C, and D
    8. All of the above



  1. B. Dramatic and E. Manipulator

  2. H. All of the above