Personality Types - Exercise

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Personality Types - Exercise

Personality Types

Duration: 5 minutes.

In this exercise, you will respond to the following questions about personality types.

  1. Which of the following is true:
    1. People should not show their personality in the workplace.
    2. Leisurely people are lazy.
    3. The best team is composed of people with the same personality type.
    4. Personalities have strengths and weaknesses.
    5. People with negative personality traits cannot work with others.
  2. Match the following personality types in part A with the related extreme behavior in part B:
    1. Personality Types
      1. Conscientious
      2. Self-confident
      3. Devoted
      4. Dramatic
      5. Vigilant
      6. Leisurely
      7. Self-sacrificing
      8. Aggressive
      9. Serious
    2. Extreme Behaviors
      1. Abusive
      2. Says one thing, does another
      3. Destructive perfectionism
      4. Suspicious
      5. Self-inflation, lacking empathy
      6. Feels hopeless, sad
      7. Feels helpless, clings to others
      8. Exaggerated emotions, seeks attention
      9. Random acts that block success



  1. D. Personalities have strengths and weaknesses.
  2. The correct matchups are as follows:
    • i. Conscientious and iii. Destructive perfectionism.
    • ii. Self-confident and v. Self-inflation, lacking empathy.
    • iii. Devoted and vi. Feels helpless, clings to others
    • iv. Dramatic and viii. Exaggerated emotions, seeks attention.
    • v. Vigilant and iv. Suspicious.
    • vi. Leisurely and ii. Says one thing, does another.
    • vii. Self-sacrificing and ix. Random acts that block success.
    • viii. Aggressive and i. Abusive.
    • ix. Serious and vii. Feels hopeless, sad.