Personal Application for Personality Types - Exercise

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Personal Application for Personality Types - Exercise

Personal Application for Personality Types

Duration: 30 minutes.

In this exercise, you will consider the following questions.

  1. Think about your personality and the personality of another person in your workplace.
    1. Write down two strengths each of you possesses.
    2. Write down two weaknesses each of you demonstrates from time to time.
    3. Compare the strengths with the weaknesses. Are your strengths and weaknesses rooted in the same personality traits? Is the other person's?

  2. If you have never taken a personality assessment, find one or two to try. They may be available at your work or you can do a web search. Use "free personality assessment" as keywords. While some may cost a small amount, there are many available for free. Once you receive your results, consider how your personality fits your work, your relationships, and your interests.


  1. In thinking about this question, consider how your and your co-worker's strengths and weaknesses play into your daily work lives.
  2. Is your personality assessment as expected? Did you find the assessment as expected or surprising? If surprising, how so?