Personal Application for Destructive Behaviors - Exercise

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Personal Application for Destructive Behaviors - Exercise

Personal Application for Destructive Behaviors

Duration: 20 minutes.

In this exercise, you will consider the following questions.

  1. Fill in the chart below using people you have encountered at work or in your personal life who exhibits each of these destructive behaviors. Use yourself if you know you have destructive traits.
    1. Under Specific Behavior, describe what the offender does that is problematic.
    2. Under Replacement Behavior, describe behaviors that would make the workplace more effective and/or increase morale. If possible, include positive behaviors that will satisfy the needs of both the offending person and the offended person/people. For example, a person who controls processes may be willing to release control if they receive progress reports.

Destructive behavior Specific behavior Replacement behavior


  1. Remember that the purpose of this exercise is to learn to recognize behaviors in order to understand the actions of others and possibly your own. By identifying examples of the specific behaviors that fall under each behavior type, you can then figure out what a positive replacement behavior would be. For example, if you work with a Dramatic type, you may list a specific behavior such as "always finds some roadblock to getting started with a task", and a possible replacement behavior could be "refocus attention on what is going right and what can be done to begin the task at hand".