The Benefits of a Healthy Environment

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The Benefits of a Healthy Environment

The Benefits of a Healthy Environment

The benefits of a healthy environment should not be underrated. In an environment where personalities work cooperatively as a team, employees are motivated and want to be at work. Transforming a workplace environment from unhealthy to healthy can reduce costs by:

  1. Reducing tardiness and absenteeism.
  2. Decreasing turnover.
  3. Eliminating the need for mental health days.
  4. Dissolving workplace distractions.

Healthy environments also improve company profits. Companies with attractive environments can attract the best workers who have strong skill sets, thus creating a competitive edge in the marketplace. Additionally, the attitude and demeanor of a happy employee has a positive influence on customers.

The most powerful benefit a healthy company enjoys is employee loyalty. Loyalty is very difficult to measure, but very evident. Employees who are loyal to their company tend to:

  1. Be willing to work longer hours.
  2. Be dependable and self-driven.
  3. Achieve goals on time.
  4. Seek solutions to problems.
  5. Be enthusiastic around customers.
  6. Show ownership for company products and services.
  7. Willingly brag about their company in a variety of business and nonbusiness settings.
  8. Defend company policy and products.