Personality and the Workplace - Exercise

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Personality and the Workplace - Exercise

The Environment

Duration: 5 minutes.

In this exercise, you will respond to the following questions about personalities and the environment.

  1. An environment in which a manager dictates how a staff member will do a task is called a(n):
    1. Oppressive Environment
    2. Overly Competitive Environment
    3. Leaderless Environment

  2. Productivity is primarily affected by which of the following:
    1. Pay
    2. Number of employees
    3. The environment
    4. A supervisor's personality

  3. Personality is (choose all that apply):
    1. A reflection of one's attitude
    2. How we express ourselves
    3. How we behave
    4. A style

  4. Excessive competition:
    1. Increases productivity
    2. Increases morale
    3. Creates a fun environment
    4. Decreases morale



  1. A. Oppressive environment

  2. C. The environment

  3. B. How we express ourselves and D. A style

  4. D. Decreases morale