Personality and Behavior

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Personality and Behavior

Personality and Behavior

Personality is different from behavior, but it affects behavior.

Personality influences how we respond to information and experiences and is demonstrated in the way we express ourselves; it is a "style."

Behavior, on the other hand, is specifically what we do in different situations. While our behavior may be influenced by our personality style, behavior is controllable.

When we do not control our behavior, we experience negative consequences, and if we habitually allow our personality to dictate our behaviors, rather than influencing them, we may exhibit negative personality traits, which we will talk about in the next lesson.

Each personality has traits that give a person certain strengths and certain vocations. If those traits are unchecked, they may become weaknesses. For example:

  1. A person who is meticulous with details may be an excellent accountant, but that passion for details may cause him or her to be a micromanaging boss.
  2. If a person is willing to learn managerial skills and understands the value of delegation, a person may be both an excellent boss and an excellent accountant.