Personal Application for Morale and Turnover - Exercise

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Personal Application for Morale and Turnover - Exercise

Personal Application for Morale and Turnover

Duration: 10 minutes.

In this exercise, you will consider the following questions about turnover.

  1. How would you describe the current morale and turnover in your company or department? Do any of the listed supervisory issues apply?

  2. Does the morale contribute to turnover?
    1. If you have turnover:
      1. Can you quickly estimate the direct cost to the company for this turnover?
      2. Do you think it is too high? If so, what could be done to decrease it?
    2. If you do not have turnover:
      1. Estimate the cost of your own replacement.
      2. What is contributing to the stability in your department or company?


    1. To answer this question, consider how people react to supervisors where you work. Is the supervisor easy to work with? Does the supervisor effectively address issues with other staff? Do you think the boss could be described as a "bad boss"?
    2. Consider the questions about turnover in relation to your workplace and whether or not you have high turnover. Refer to the information about calculating the real cost of turnover given previously. There is a lot to replacing an employee. Also consider the positive things that are contributing to a lack of turnover. What do you think is keeping turnover from happening?