Personal Application for Negotiating Terms - Exercise

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Personal Application for Negotiating Terms - Exercise

Personal Application for Negotiating Terms

Duration: 10 minutes.

In this exercise, you will consider the following question.

  1. For each boundary created in the previous personal applications, list everything you can think of that is negotiable.


For this exercise, answers will again vary. As an example, I can refer back to my example about the improved first-line customer service in the last personal communication. In that example, I think the following are negotiable:

  1. Time. I think it can be negotiable when more positive results can be seen. It may take a day or two for the front-line customer rep to improve her performance and get in the habit of trying to answer the easier customer questions.
  2. How. I think how this change is made can be negotiable. For example, the front-line customer service rep may need a cheat sheet or checklist of sorts to refer to for answering the questions I expect her to be able to answer.