Personal Application for the Communication Loop - Exercise

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Personal Application for the Communication Loop - Exercise

Personal Application for the Communication Loop

Duration: 15 minutes.

In this exercise, you will consider the following questions.

  1. Consider a recent situation in which you experienced poor communication.
    1. What was the environment? Was there noise? Did the sender or receiver have filters that blocked the communication? Was the message clearly stated and was feedback given?
    2. List all the factors that contributed to that poor communication.
    3. Write down what you will do to help improve the communication process the next time a situation like that presents itself.
  2. What new habits can you develop to improve the way you respond to words that trigger your emotions?


  1. What is important for this question is that you apply what you've learned to fully consider the situation you choose. Poor communication may be caused by several factors. Think through how it can be prevented or fixed in future.
  2. For example, you may want to make a new habit of reminding yourself that others also have personal biases and that those can explain others' behaviors as well as your own. By understanding why something is happening you're in a better position to handle it effectively.