Audio and Multimedia - Exercise

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Audio and Multimedia - Exercise

Audio and Multimedia

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.
  1. Match the description with term:
    - Transcript - A. Viewers can choose to display or not
    - Descriptive video - B. When a transcript is displayed synchronously with the audio-visual presentation
    - Closed captions - C. Closed captioning added to multimedia content to be viewed with Microsoft Windows Media Player
    - Captioning - D. An authoring tool for making multimedia content accessible
    - SMIL - E. A word-for-word textual representation of the audio, including descriptions of non-text sounds like "laughter" or "thunder"
    - MAGpie - F. A markup language that provides for captions
    - Open captions - G. Explanations of important video with the normal audio of a multimedia presentation
    - SAMI - H. The text is always present on the screen
  2. List who benefits from captioning or transcripts:


1: E, G, A, B, F, D, H, C

2: Here's a partial list: 
	People who are Deaf or hearing impaired 
	People who have difficulty understanding the speaker's speech or accent
	People working in a quiet area, e.g. a library 
	People working in a noisy area, e.g. a busy office 
	People whose computer doesn't have a sound card
	People who don't to bother others with the noise