Using Lynx

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Using Lynx

Using Lynx

  • Text-only browser, with all text linearized - no graphics (images are replaced with their alt-text)

Lynx is a text-only browser that runs on many platforms, including Unix and DOS. You can download Lynx at Some people with disabilities use Lynx as their browser. It displays a page much as word processors display text - a line at a time. All the text in tables, both data tables and formatting tables, is linearized.

If you have never seen Lynx, here is a screenshot viewing an IBM page. lynx view of

Of course, being a text-only browser, there are no graphics, and images are replaced by their alt-text. So you can again get an appreciation of how a blind user will interact with your page.

The IBM page shown in Figure 3.3 is a good page for accessibility and it reads well in Lynx. Here is an example of a web site, with the title bar removed, which is not good. This company is in fact involved in accessibility evaluation for the web. Screenshot of Lynx view of inaccessible site

As you view pages with images turned off, or in a text browser like Lynx, remember that that could be the way the page is displayed on someone's PDA or cell phone or other non-graphical browser.

You don't have to download and install Lynx to get the picture. A Lynx viewer is available through the Web Accessibilty Toolbar . Use the Check button and then Lynx View.