Technical Considerations - Exercise

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Technical Considerations - Exercise

Technical Considerations

Duration: 5 to 7 minutes.

Respond to the following true/false questions about the mediated technology:

  1. Multimedia allows us to use many different kinds of media so we can appeal to every person's style.
  2. We layer media because it works better than expensive systems.
  3. It's wise to include layered media as part of a backup plan just in case technology fails.
  4. Multimedia has its greatest impact when two media types are used together.
  5. Social networking is the best mediated communication because it appeals to so many people, has so many features, and it can be free.
  6. Even in a hard-wired network, transmission to a branch office may be affected by a storm.
  7. Microblogging works well for fast-paced business meetings with a client.


  1. False.
  2. False.
  3. True.
  4. True.
  5. False.
  6. True.
  7. False.