Assessing the Message - Exercise

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Assessing the Message - Exercise

Assessing the Message

Duration: 7 to 10 minutes.

Answer the following questions about assessing messages.

  1. Which of the following is most appropriate?
    1. Essays sent through micro blogging systems.
    2. Conflict resolution through texting.
    3. Requesting information through a website form.
    4. Explaining mathematical concepts through voicemail.
  2. Which of the following is most beneficial when holding a brainstorming session with a group of people in different locations?
    1. Broadcast capability.
    2. Multimedia.
    3. Haptics.
    4. Privacy.
  3. True or false?
    1. Interactivity may be synchronous.
    2. Asynchronous media should be avoided.
    3. Synchronous communication is best for quiet people.
    4. Dominant participants speak for everyone.
    5. Asynchronous discussion forums minimize biases.
  4. Which of the following are true?
    1. Synchronous communication is generally preferred for urgent messages.
    2. Feedback takes too much time for urgent messages.
    3. It is illegal to send some types of business messages through email.
    4. Personal information should be delivered through secured systems.
    5. HIPPA, FERPA, ADA, and FMLA are government guidelines for good communication.


  1. C.
  2. B.
    1. True.
    2. False.
    3. False.
    4. False.
    5. True.
  3. A and D.

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