Creating a "Plan B"

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Creating a "Plan B"

Creating a "Plan B"

After making certain all systems are protected with backup systems and malware scanners, the most important thing a manager can do to prevent problems with virtual communication is to have a "Plan B." A "Plan B" is a backup plan should the primary method of communication fail.

When relying on technology, it is wise to plan an alternate means of communication should something go awry. The following are common backup plans for various communication systems:

  1. If Wi-Fi Internet connectivity is disrupted, a phone with a data plan may be used,
  2. If neither Wi-Fi nor a data plan are available, a manager or employee can:
    1. Seek out Internet access elsewhere, such as at a library.
    2. Use a land-line telephone.
  3. If a conferencing system cannot make a connection:
    1. Email a printout of the presentation and schedule a conference call on the phone.
    2. Make an audio or video recording of a presentation and post it on a website.
    3. Continue the meeting in a chat room.
    4. Continue the meeting asynchronously in discussion forums.

Problems are going to happen occasionally whenever we rely on mediated communication tools. To prevent stress, communicate your "Plan B" prior to the meeting and, if it is needed, simply transition to that alternative method. A manager sets the tone for the meeting. A calm manager can usually deal with the issues that arise and thereby complete the meeting objectives successfully.