Group Facilitation - Exercise

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Group Facilitation - Exercise

Group Facilitation

Duration: 10 to 12 minutes.

Respond to the following questions about facilitating group meetings.

  1. List the objectives of facilitation.
  2. To which objective of facilitation does each the following descriptions relate?
    1. Setting time limits.
    2. Making certain participants can follow camera movements.
    3. Testing sound and video at the beginning of the meeting.
    4. Asking for input from all sites.
    5. Returning to a topic if there is time.
    6. Turning off cell phones.
    7. Repeating comments so that all participants can hear them.
    8. Rotating from person to person for updates and comments.


  1. The objectives of facilitation are:
    1. Promote good communication.
    2. Encourage participation.
    3. Discourage control.
    4. Avoid and minimize disruptions.
    1. C. Discourage control.
    2. A. Promote good communication.
    3. D. Avoid and minimize disruptions.
    4. B. Encourage participation.
    5. C. Discourage control.
    6. D. Avoid and minimize disruptions.
    7. A. Promote good communication.
    8. B. Encourage participation.