Using Live Layout and Alignment Guides

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Using Live Layout and Alignment Guides

Using Live Layout and Alignment Guides

Word 2013 provides some new layout options. When you click a graphic,image, or SmartArt, you will see an icon to the right, which is the Layout Options button. Click it to view options to format your images.

You can select from a number of options, including text wrapping option, which allow you to wrap text around the image in a variety of ways.

Live Layout

When you have an image with text wrapping, you can use the Live Layout feature of Word 2013. To use Live Layout:

  1. Click the image and drag it.
  2. As you drag the image, you will see a preview of what it will look like if you were to select a particular location; that is, the text will move to show how the image will appear.
  3. When you determine the desired location for your image, release the mouse button.

You will notice an anchor icon as you drag the image. The anchor shows the location of the image and the text that it is with.

Alignment Guides

Another new feature of Word 2013 are alignment guides, which help you place images. To use alignment guides:

  1. Drag the image and preview where it will go, using Live Layouts.
  2. As you move the image, you will see green dashed lines appear, which are the alignment guides. They help you align images to margins, text, and so on.