The HOME Tab

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The HOME Tab

The HOME Tab

On the Excel 2013 HOME tab, you will find commands that you will use often when working in Excel. The Copy and Paste commands are found on the HOME tab in the Clipboard group.

The Font group contains commands to format text within your workbook.

In the Alignment group, you will find commands to center and align your text.

The Number group contains commands that you can use to format the numbers that appear in your worksheets.

In the Styles group, you will see options to apply conditional formatting, as well as table and cell styles, to help make your workbooks look polished and professionals.

Within the Cells group, you will find the options to insert, delete, and format cells within your worksheets.

And finally on the HOME tab is the Editing group, which contains the Sort & Filter and the Find & Select options, along with the AutoSum command and the Fill and Clear commands.