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Open Type

Characteristics of Open Type Fonts

Open Type is a scalable, cross-platform file format that is used for computer based typefaces. Adobe and Microsoft worked together to create a file format that has many benefits.

The two main benefits are:

  • Cross-platform (font files will work on both Windows and Macintosh OS).
  • Expanded character sets (advanced typographic control of rich linguistic and many features to choose from).

Open type fonts have one of two file extensions (.otf, .ttf). Both work equally fine and you may search for Open Type fonts on many sites.

  • Fonts that were based on PostScript data use .otf extension.
  • Fonts that were based on TrueType use a .ttf extension.

Key Features of an Open Type Font:Adobe Caslon Pro 18 pt Uppercase A. (Artwork below was captured from InDesign Glyph panel for display purposes only.)

  • Alternates: Stylistic Alternates to Standard Glyphs.
  • Capitols: Small caps, provides better spacing.
  • Ligatures: Contextual (enhance readability), Discretionary (ornamental), Historical, Standard.
  • Numerical: Fractions, Slashed Zero.
  • Swashes: Alternate decorative glyphs.
  • Variants: Superscript, Subscript.