Font License Rules

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Font License Rules

Font License Rules

Basic Rules

Some Typefaces are ones that you purchase and you must follow the rules of how you may use them. Others are bundled with software and computer operating systems. Certain technologies, such as Adobe Acrobat and Illustrator, will not embed a font that has special licensing.

Adobe Font Packages for PurchaseThe example above shows several font packages that you may purchase. Source:

Adobe Illustrator Dialog Box Conveying Licensing RestrictionsThe example above is from a project in Illustrator in which the font will not allow for embedded fonts.

Creating Outlines vs. Embedding Fonts

When you are designing a logo or other artistic text, you may find many benefits in the process of creating outlines of the fonts instead of embedding the fonts into the file for further editing. When we send a logo file to a vendor to use, they must also have the same fonts that the file uses, or fonts will be replaced. This would endanger the design and use the wrong font. The process of creating outlines will reduce this risk.

Creating Outlines in Adobe Illustrator

If you do not have Adobe Illustrator, a PDF copy of the completed logo is available for future use in the course. See screen images below for details of the process. type-face-vs-font\Demos\logo_edge_outlines.pdf

  1. Open the type-face-vs-font\Demos\ in Adobe Illustrator.Logo Demo in Adobe Illustrator
  2. Select the text using the Selection ToolSelection tool.Selected Text
  3. Click Type > Create Outlines. Create Outlines in Type Drop-Down
  4. The text is now a series of shapes and is no longer editable. This process ensures that the logo will always be the exact match of our vision even if the vendor does not have the exact font that we used.Uneditable Logo Text