Purpose of Typography

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Purpose of Typography

Purpose of Typography

Typography is more than just artistic text that makes a design attractive. The main purpose of typography is to bring clarity and readability to the display of information. Whether we are developing a set of professional marketing materials, or a advertising campaign comprising multiple media outlets, typography is the key to the message getting through to the intended audience.

Use proper typography to:

  • Draw attention to text content.
  • Ensure readability and clarity of message.
  • Create consistency across various media types.

Look at the samples below:

The one on the left uses a sans-serif font with no discerning differences between titles or paragraph text.

The one on the right uses a sans-serif title that is a bit larger than the serif body text that has a break between the paragraphs.

Text Samples

The results are clear; the one on the right is easy at a glance to digest, whereas the one on the left is merged together and takes effort to dissect.

Regardless of the types of material you are building, treat each page/screen as an interface that should have much thought placed into the proper placement of each element.