Twitter for Branding

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Twitter for Branding

Twitter for Branding

Twitter is very much like a text message. You have only 140 characters for each message, or tweet. You will need to decide if, how and how much you want to engage in Twitter. A few considerations for your company brand:

  1. Do you want to be a responsive company on Twitter so customers know they can connect with your company with their questions or concerns?
  2. How will you actively engage clients on Twitter in a way that builds your brand identity?
  3. What will be the focus of your account? Will you touch on a diverse range of topics, including content from outside sources or focus more on promoting only your latest internal content?

You can use Twitter to disseminate information as well as to engage with your followers. Take a look at the screenshot below from AT&T's Twitter page. As you read through the tweets below, consider which demonstrate sales, customer support, or branding opportunities:

In the screenshot, you can see that AT&T spends time on Twitter interacting with customers, responding to their concerns, and promoting some of their latest content.

Another example is from Nickelback. See the screenshot below:

The band's Twitter account is almost solely designed for responding to tweets in which they are mentioned. They even respond to negative tweets. We'll talk about this more soon.

One last engagement example is the use of the Twitter hashtag. The hashtag, #, provides a way for your company to involve itself into relevant discussion threads. provides this definition of the resource: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark a keyword or topic in a Tweet. Any user can categorize or follow topics with the Hashtags service.

Hashtags are used for both related discussion topics, as seen in some of the examples in the screenshot below, and also at events. In both cases, many Twitter users will use searches as well as tools like that allow them to view and participate in their desired hashtag discussions.

It is a good idea to include the hashtag symbol whenever you use a popular "word" that is relevant to your brand. Here is an example from Webucator's Twitter account highlighting the use of hashtags: