Twitter Discussion - Exercise

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Twitter Discussion - Exercise

Group Discussion

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will discuss how your company can benefit from Twitter.

How would you use Twitter in your organization? Points to consider:

  1. Will you take advantage of the advertising opportunities?
  2. Does your company ever offer discounts? If so, would you consider a Twitter-only deal, or will your deals be universal?
  3. Will you offer any contests? If so, what kind of contest might you offer?
  4. Will you search for discussions related to your products and services?
  5. If you will be searching for discussions, will this be to encourage sales, deal with customer support issues, or both?
  6. How will individual employee accounts be managed?
  7. What is your company's current Twitter strategy? What could be added or changed?


Developing your overall Twitter strategy make take some time, but the end result will be a cohesive strategy that will try and aid business engagement and growth. And, for some businesses, it may mean just various Twitter messages and strategies, to see which avenue works best for your target audience.

Let's look at two examples. First, consider the following screenshot from JetBlue.

In this promoted tweet, JetBlue is promoting a link to their TrueBlue badge program, so a promotional message. This example is mixed in with some of their more serious toned customer service tweets, so it appeals to those fans looking to interact with the brand in a fun way.

For a second example, lets look at a personal tweet complaining about Time Warner's service.

Now, this is a perfect opportunity for Time Warner (or any competitor) to search for negative tweets and take a responsive action. For example, in this specific example, Time Warner could send a tweet to this user, apologize for a possible negative customer support experience, and offer a solution. As suggested in previous activities, its usually best to take the conversation off of social media, so providing a different contact method could really help out and show your company as very proactive.

Take the time to test out your Twitter strategy and find the best way to engage your target audience!