Understanding Employee Rights - Exercise

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Understanding Employee Rights - Exercise

Understanding Employee Rights

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes.

In this exercise, you will demonstrate your knowledge of employee rights.

Think about the following scenarios and provide an explanation for each scenario on how the employee's rights have been violated in each scenario.

  1. A coworker constantly makes offensive and belittling comments towards the two men in her department.
  2. A supervisor pressured his employee to have sex with him. The employee felt trapped because her boss hinted that her job was on the line and thought the easiest thing was to go ahead and sleep with him. Weeks later she feels violated and embarrassed. Can she still file a complaint even though she allowed it to happen?
  3. An employee reported a harassment incident involving his boss. The issue was resolved through mediation but now the supervisor gives all of the undesirable projects to this employee and the other five members of the team get better opportunities.
  4. An employee reported sexual harassment and asked that the complaint be kept confidential. A day later the employee was confronted by the accused harasser and her coworkers telling her that she better drop the complaint.
  5. An employee had a relationship with her supervisor for a year but recently ended it. The supervisor does not want to end the relationship and continually asks the woman out.