Summary of Employee Rights

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Summary of Employee Rights

Summary of Employee Rights

Employees of any company have rights associated with harassment. The following list offers details regarding general and specific employee rights.

  1. All employees have the right to work in a safe, respectful, harassment free environment.
  2. Employees have the right to ask questions or voice concerns if they believe they or someone they know is being harassed. The questions and concerns should be given serious consideration and be kept confidential.
  3. Employees have the right to make personal decisions without being pressured, blackmailed or coerced by a supervisor. Quid pro quo is illegal. A supervisor cannot punish an employee for refusing sexual advances.
  4. Employees have the right to work in a non-hostile work environment. This means that employees are not bullied, threatened, mocked, insulted, belittled, or treated in an offensive manner by a single person or a group.
  5. Employees have the right to report any harassing behavior whether they are the victim or a witness. After reporting harassment they have the right to expect swift action to remedy the issue.
  6. Employees have the right to report harassment without the fear of retaliation. Employees are protected from any backlash or additional harassment as a result of filing a complaint.
  7. Employees have the right to escalate a harassment complaint by contacting the EEOC or filing a lawsuit if their case is not addressed in an appropriate or timely manner.

These rights give a general summary of employee rights but they are not all inclusive. If unsure, remember to voice any concerns or questions with a supervisor or the human resources department.