Employee and Employer Responsibilities - Exercise

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Employee and Employer Responsibilities - Exercise

Employee and Employer Responsibilities

Duration: 20 to 30 minutes.

In this exercise, you will demonstrate your knowledge about what the responsibilities of both employers and employees.

Think about the following scenarios and decide what should be done according to what you have learned about employer and employee responsibilities.

  1. A manager of a different department likes an employee. She does not directly supervise him and believes he might be interested in her. Can she ask him out?
  2. A coworker sees his supervisor constantly brush against his assistant and stare inappropriately. The coworker has not witnessed the assistant being upset by any of the behavior but it is uncomfortable to watch. What should he do?
  3. An employee brings a lingerie magazine to work every week. The guys all look through it and make crude comments on their break. The women try to ignore it. The supervisor witnesses this behavior but doesn't want to scold anyone for what they do on their break time. What should he do?
  4. An employee feels that he is being harassed but his company does not have a policy in place for handling harassment. What should be done?
  5. An employee files a harassment complaint and begins getting hate mail left on her desk. What should be done?
  6. A witness files a harassment complaint on behalf of a victim. A month goes by and she continues to see the same behavior and has not heard anything about the status of her complaint. After inquiring, the company tells her they are working on it and to be patient. What should be done?