What Would You Do? - Exercise

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What Would You Do? - Exercise

What Would You Do?

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes.

In this exercise, you will demonstrate your judgement in difficult harassment situations.

Read the following scenarios and decide whether a violation has occurred and what type of harassment it is

  1. Jason is an Executive Assistant working for Kate, a Vice President. Kate asks Jason to stay late many nights to work on projects. Jason and Kate are friendly and sometimes even flirt a little. One evening Kate tries to kiss Jason, but Jason turns away and explains that he does not believe it would be appropriate. The next day Kate tells Jason about a job opening for another department and explains that she believes it would be a good move for him.
  2. Allison works in a warehouse. Every week Dustin comes in to deliver shipments. Dustin likes Allison and wants to ask her out. He flirts and spends long periods of time hanging around the warehouse talking to Allison. Allison thinks Dustin is nice but is not interested. She feels distracted by him but he doesn't listen when she tells him she needs to get back to work.
  3. Dean has only worked for the company a few months. He started hanging out with Jerry, Laura, and Tom after work. They had a few drinks and Dean revealed something personal to the group. The next day at work Dean walked in to find people around him whispering and laughing. Laura and Jerry told Dean that it was all in good fun and they didn't know it was a secret. The whole department now has an embarrassing nickname for Dean. Dean's work performance has decreased significantly and he has used all of his sick days.
  4. Jessica is an employee that is friends with her boss Tom. Every Monday Tom comes in to the office and chats with Jessica at her cubicle for about 30 minutes. Tom has a very active social life and always tells Jessica about his sexual encounters from the weekend.
  5. Beth is a supervisor who is also extremely religious. In most cases she keeps her religious beliefs to herself, but when she hears a rumor that Dawn, one of her employees is having an affair with another employee she proceeds to lecture her and suggests that Dawn apply for a position outside of Beth's department. The rumors about Dawn are untrue, but no one believes her.
  6. Jonathan goes to the company gym with his co-workers, Adam and Kevin, every day at lunch. After working out they shower and change in the locker room. One day Jonathan goes to his boss and tells him that Adam and Kevin keep making crude jokes and trying to grab his genitals while they are in the locker room. Jonathan's boss tells him that they are just being guys messing around and if it offends Jonathan he should just go to the gym at a different time.
  7. Rebecca has worked for Larry for over five years and has never received a raise or promotion. She works hard and has never had any disciplinary action, but every year Larry gives an excuse. This year Larry implies that she could do some "extra credit" and receive a promotion in six months. Rebecca really needs this promotion so she does anything she can, including picking up Larry's dry cleaning and bringing it to his house. When she arrives at Larry's house he thanks her and asks her to stay for dinner. During dinner Larry never once makes eye contact, but instead stares at Rebecca's breasts. At the end of dinner he tells Rebecca that she is very pretty and that she should wear more low-cut blouses at work.


  1. Violation - quid pro quo.
  2. Potential violation (discussion) - hostile work environment.
  3. Violation - hostile work environment.
  4. Violation - hostile work environment.
  5. Violation - hostile work environment
  6. Violation - quid pro quo.